The Stand Walnut (with iMac) by Arcrey Design

The Stand by Arcrey Design – €102,50

The stand is designed by a small family run start-up company: Arcrey Design.
They share a passion to deliver high quality wooden products to their customers. Daniel Kujawathe the founder and designer believes in a design which is simple, elegant and meaningful.

Nowadays computers are beautifully designed objects and are more then just a work tool on a desk. Unfortunately, our busy desks tend to overshadow this beautiful craftsmanship. The Stand low profile form will gracefully raise your computer and adds a storage slot underneath.

High quality finish

The contours of each side are carefully milled in the process to allow the brushed aluminium plate to sit inside and create a seamless design.
The use of natural solid materials in the product stands out in its form and finish. The stand looks great on any desk and is build in great quality.

Ofcourse everyone has it’s favourite colour. My favourite is the Walnut, it will be amazing to put my iMac on it.
The Stand is now available on Kickstarter and you can chose between 3 solid wood finishes: Walnut, Mahogany and Oak. Each complemented with a classy touch of brushed aluminium.

Back them now: The Stand – Kickstarter

We wish Daniel good luck with his great project!

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