Saturn V Lego set – €119,99

This year is the 45 years Apollo 11 Moon-landing anniversary.
The perfect time to present you the Saturn V rocket. The rocket which took the Apollo 11 crew to the moon completely out of Lego!

This is the LEGO Saturn V rocket set being released June 1st. The rocket breaks into three separate sections for a horizontal desk display, much like how NASA displays the three remaining Saturn V rockets in the United States. It will even have a great little flag, so you can plant it on the Moon!

A big box with Lego’s

Each set of plastic parts will be scaled down 110 times, stand an impressive one-meter (3.28 feet) tall when fully assembled, and sell for $119. It will be one of the tallest Lego set’s ever!
And inside the box: exactly 1,969 pieces — a clever nod to the year of the first moon landing, by the crew of Apollo 11, in July 1969.

So do as me and go search your credit card, it will be available soon!

If you want more info on this set or you want to see other Lego Ideas go to: Lego Ideas

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