Safe-T Fire Extinguishers

Safe-T Fire Extinguishers – €179,00

Normally speaking about a fire extinguisher would probably mean that you would just stop listening. But before you do that check out these Safe-T fire extinguishers.
These awesome safety pieces offer a modern take on a very old item. SAFE-T has come up with a number of different designs that are sure to look great in any home or workspace.

Great design

Most of the time that it is in your home, it’s justing standing still in a corner. So instead of having something that is bright red sitting on the floor of the kitchen, you could have something that looks like it could have been created by an artist. After all, most fire extinguishers are never used and so they are just hidden away in place, which is not handy when needed in an emergency.
And of course let’s hope you’ll never need to use it.

Starting from already €69 you can have a really cool extinguishers, check out their website to check all the cool designs.

The Copper Safe-T Fire Extinguisher:

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