Nipi Cooler – €185,00

Prepare for summer! This is the perfect tool for al festivals or camping trips!
There are plenty of “smart” products out there that do little more than connect to an app to tell you something you probably already know.

Not the everyday smart gadget.75fca530e1fe3cb85bf84a95bb662c62_original

It’s smart in a different way, adding worthwhile features to an already capable cooler with thick walls and a double-insulated lid.
Those intelligent additions include LED lighting on the interior and exterior for after late night refreshments. The integrated solar panel charges the internal battery, with the ability to add an extra battery or additional solar panels as needed. With the 4 usb ports you have more than enough choice to charge your devices.

Crafted by an experienced team of product designers and engineers, nipi is powered by record breaking solar technology.
It’s ultra mobile, rugged design is built to last for life, meaning nipi could be the last cooler you will ever buy.

The most important job of any cooler is to keep things cold. Nipi’s rotomolded body is not only tough, it also insulates in a way regular coolers don’t. Nipi is so good at keeping cold, it can hold ice for a whopping 6 days without using any power!
The magic all happens with nipi’s insulated body and lid.

Order it online now: Nipi Cooler



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