Middle finger Candle

Middle finger candle – €39,50

There are many different ways to describe the gesture commonly associated with the phrases “fuck you”. But none are quite as satisfying as actually doing it.

Most candles come in cute little tins and smell like lavender, morning dew, and dancing cherubs. That’s all fine and dandy for the cheerful among us, but what about the rest of us?
What about the guy who spilled his morning coffee, got ripped apart by his boss, and dropped his phone on the walk to the door? For that guy, there’s the Middle Finger Candle. Crafted out of high quality paraffin wax, each candle is handmade and similar in size to a real hand. Watch one burn down and perhaps your anger will melt away with it.

World middle finger day

You can now buy the middle finger candles whether you want to protest something, break up a bad relationship, give as a funny gift (or even as a serious gift to an a-hole of a boss), or use for other mischievous purposes. And did you know that August 1 is World Middle Finger Day!

Order it here: Middle Finger Candle

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