LONGPLATE The vinyl-inspired porcelain plate – €35,00

Everyone has played with them or still own a lot of LP’s or Longe Plate records. Those nice big black discs have always been a cool and interesting item.
So we probably don’t have to tell you that LP’s are more populair then ever. Mamado is an Italian company who used this great design for a daily use.

A plate in its self is very similar to the long plate record. The idea has been simple: to give the appeal of a LP to a common plate. Grooves, the typical color and graphic elements included. All that can make jokes between music genres and food at the same time. With trickery and irony.

33 or 45 RPM

The range consist of six plates. Each of them is finished using a unique design relating to a music band that, with irony, winks at food. The range is available in two size similar to the 45RPM and 33RPM formats, typical of vinyl records.

Oh and every plate is delivered in an awesome box, check it out!

Longplates come in six different graphics. Fine porcelain guaranteed, dishwasher and microwave safe, certified for food consumption. Order yours on Mamado.com

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