JUNO Smart Mirror

JUNO Smart Mirror – €75,00

Ever wished that your makeup mirror came with adjustable ‘true light’ settings so you could flawlessly apply makeup every time?

Your mirror might be lying to you. Well, not lying per se, but not telling the whole truth, either. After all, if your reflective surface doesn’t benefit from the
best lighting or can’t really adjust hues, how accurate of a reflection of real life are you really getting? Here to solve that problem is the JUNO Smart Mirror, described as a “smart makeup mirror” that allows you to make adjustments as needed to satisfy those finicky (but important) details.

JUNO Smart Mirror

Make up light:

The JUNO mirror gives you three natural shades: sunlight, daylight and evening.

Reading light:
More than just a mirror— turn it into a reading light with the flick of a wrist.JUNO Smart Mirror

Selfie light:
Uses your phone sensor to detect the lighting in the surrounding environment outside of your home. So it can auto-adjust itself to find the best light.

So to all girls, order it now: Juno smart Mirror


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