Jellytank Aquarium – €220,00

The Jellytank isn’t the standard aquarium, it’s the ultimate desktop jellyfish aquarium designed for your home, office or commercial space. Everyone who gets by will love it!


Jellyfish are amazing creatures. These gelatinous, free-swimming non-vertebrates are among the oldest groups of animals on earth. They’ve been around for over 500 million years, and can be found in every ocean in the world.

But the thing is, while they’re really good at surviving in the open ocean, they’re not so great at living in tanks. They’re just not built for it, so without the right kind of aquarium, they typically don’t survive for very long. That’s where the JellyTank comes in.

The JellyTank

Jellytank is a saltwater jellyfish aquarium built to recreate the currents of the ocean. The pet jellyfish can move in their most natural way without being harmed.
The tank includes a remote controlled LED light. Wich allows you to change colors with your mood while you gaze into your 5 gallon tank full of natures most beautiful moving creatures.

Did you know humans are made of seventy percent water, most jellyfish are ninety-five percent H2O.
Bring the ocean’s most beautiful sea creatures to your home or office: JellyTank

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