Howly bed by Howlpot – €200,00

Your dog will love his new fancy dog-cave.

HOLWY is an easy DIY house that provides the maximum comfort and stability for your pet. It’s designed with a removable steel frame that securely maintains the structure of the house. The steel frame can be removed easily to store it. The fabric of the inside cushion has been finished with a waterproof material. So it’s safe from a considerable amount of ‘accidents’ from your pet.


The Korean brand HOWLPOT believes in the idea that “the same design value used for products for humans has to be applied for the products for companion animals” — and it shows! Their beds, collars, and accessories are designed with your dog’s utmost comfort in mind, down to the very last detail.

It exists in 2 sizes: small or large and a variety of colours.


You really have to check their other articles as well, they are awesome! Howlpot webshop

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