Fireside Audiobox – €419,60

Set your home on fire!

A revolutionary audio system that syncs dancing flames to your favorite music. This successful kickstarter project is a real piece of art!

The Fireside Audiobox adds flames to your favorite music. It’s hand-crafted, one of a kind, beautifully-designed and show-stopping. Music and fire combine synergistically to provide a mesmerizing experience, with unique flame-signatures and patterns for each track on your playlist (it’s all about the sound waves – keep reading for the techy details). Turn on your Fireside Audiobox, connect your music via Bluetooth, light the fire, and it’s showtime.

Designed in Bend, Oregon, the Fireside Audiobox is a music player, a design showpiece, and a guaranteed conversation starter. And yes, if you had a cool physics teacher in high school, you’ll recognize the Ruben’s Tube display across the top. #science!

No two songs are alike

The Fireside Audiobox in your home

The Fireside Audiobox is more than dancing flames. Any object you place in your home should speak to you, and those you invite inside. Their goal with the aesthetics of the audiobox was to ensure that it was a beautiful addition to your home as well as a conversation starter. It needs to look elegant and intriguing, while still looking like it belongs where you place it, even when not in use. It is a functional piece of art.
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