Dripo Iced coffee Maker

Dripo Iced coffee Maker – €31,00

Do you love ice-drip coffee and cold-brew coffee as we do? The Dripo iced coffee maker is the perfect way to have a great refreshment during a hot day.

Ice cold coffee

Iced-drip coffee is a healthy way to not only enjoy coffee, but also making coffee tastes better, “Dripo” extracts coffee with cold water dripping, at an average speed of 45 drops per minute. Comparing to brewing coffee with hot water, the coffee would taste sweeter due to its lower acidity, and less caffeine. As a result, iced-drip coffee is something healthier for your body, and tastes whole lot smoother and richer than hot brewed coffee. That’s why the popularity of cold brew has climbed in insane speed during the past couple years.

Dripo Iced coffee Maker

Dripo” is a 3-in-1 iced-drip coffee maker that can also used as a cold-brew coffee maker or tumbler. It has a compact size, 75% smaller compare to traditional dutch iced-drip coffee maker and simple design. It is super easy to use, all you have to do is to insert 1.5 oz. ground coffee powder and add 12 oz. iced water into it and wait. “Dripo” brings a fresh and easier way for you to make your own cold-brew coffee anywhere.

You can carry Dripo out for a camping, traveling or even fly around the world. Order yours now, summer is coming: Dripo the Iced Coffee Maker by Gosh


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