LooBlade – €25,00

The LooBlade is made for the heaviest duties! This toilet brush is for the real shit.

A revolutionary toilet brush

This germ-killing, quick-drying reinvention of the toilet brush uses an 8-blade
silicone head to enhance cleaning power.

LooBlade follows the toilet contours, using what we call SwipeClean Technology(TM). It reaches under the rim with ease, and contains an anti-microbial additive. It helps to kill 99.9% of germs, both during and after cleaning.


LooBlade does not get clogged up like the bristles of a brush and has hydrophobic properties that sheds water and dries quickly. A ‘hollow-point’ head feature also helps act as a plunger to clear blockages, the unique holder design allows for free air flow to ensure no residual water collects.

Do you know someone who could really use this? Order it now on their website: Coolblade

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