Burnie Grill – €15,00

What’s the most important thing in life? Yes, FOOD!


Proud descendent of Viking ingenuity. I know, I know, my people get a bad rap for plundering and pillaging. But Vikings were also great craftsmen and innovators. Yep, my people had a knack for simple, smart design that works. Exhibit A: Me. Take me anywhere, light me once, and you’ve got fire. I’m 100% natural—all wood, zero chemicals. When I’m done, you’re done. No waste. No cleanup. So you can be good to the earth with me, Burnie.


Burnie’s a new portable, all-natural, single-use, self-contained fire that makes it easier than ever to grill on a whim on the trail, in the park, on the beach, or anywhere else where some a modest inferno is welcome. It lights with a single match, heats evenly, and burns itself out when you’re done, leaving you with nothing to clean up.

Make your fire: Burnie Grill campfire

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